What is Yatna

‘Yatn – A Society’® is a social service organization working towards a better society. True to its name, ‘Yatn’® perseveres to bring in a positive change by uniting people who share the common vision of a developed India, and pay back to the society which helped us.

A Vision of Developed India
‘Yatn – A Society’® vision is directed at realizing the dream of a self sufficient and self reliant India, which has achieved remarkable progress in all the areas that define human achievement.

Mission Possible
All big missions have humble beginnings and so is ‘Yatn – A Society’® is endeavor. Our mission is to address issues like poverty and ignorance that are threatening and weakening our country’s progress.

We aim to achieve literacy, eradicate poverty, abolish child labour, uplift and instill confidence among the weaker sections of the society.Our NGO services focus on assessing individual strengths and needs, setting personal goals and providing an environment that encourages overall growth and development.